Komala Lyra - INTIMACY- Ayurveda, Relationships & Sexuality

September 15-17, 2017

Dive into your own core, and bring forward more clarity, truthfulness, spontaneity and the courage to be more alive! 


Dates and times:

  • 15th September Friday: 4-9pm
  • 16th September Saturday: 10-7pm
  • 17th September Sunday: 10-5pm


INTIMACY- Ayurveda, Relationships & Sexuality 

Intimacy starts within: coming to know your own body, emotions, and mind, befriending all vibrations that move through our energy system, living in the body as a channel for consciousness.

Ayurveda offers a down to earth approach to realize our life force's potential and embrace the fullness of our being in the manifestation of body, heart and soul. This integration takes us to another level of awareness - we can feel spirit’s pulsation inside and start to let it guide our daily choices at all levels: food, sounds, touch, smells, and vision.

This intimacy with self is the key to discover and share intimacy with others. Relationships become an opportunity to go deeper inside, and to perceive others’ gifts and challenges as a reflection of our inner world.

At this new level of sensitivity, relationships take a significant leap: from searching for something outside, to sharing from overflow.

As sexual energy represents the roots of our aliveness, as we enhance our ability to recognize and ignite our life force from inside-out, our sexual power also be activated, naturally deepening and merging our earthen nature with our spiritual consciousness.

This introductory workshop will present the basic ground of Ayurveda applied to daily life and energetic constitution, bringing a greater understanding of energy dynamics in all relationships, through the qualities of the Five Elements. It will further enable you to become more awareness of your basic emotional and mental patterns that may be cause of conflict, frustration, tiredness etc…

This weekend will include inspirational presentations, Tantric Meditations, movement awareness through dance, touching, practical explorations, open sharing with deeper inquiry for most meaningful themes emerging. All experiences can be integrated in your daily life.

You are welcome, as a single individual or as a couple. No previous experience is needed, just your clear intention to dive into your own core, and bring forward more clarity, truthfulness, spontaneity and the courage to be more alive.


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Komala Lyra shares over 30 years of experience offering educational programs that combine dance, touch, meditation, self-awareness, grounded in the power of presence. As an Ayurveda Yoga Tantra practitioner and educator, artist, and dancer, Komala offer a vast pallet of skills to invite each participant to explore and find their flow and passion.

She merges passion with skill, intuition with precision, grace with intensity to create a sacred space for individual exploration, and the invitation to move beyond limitations, enjoying the bliss of spirit-dance.